Why Is There Confetti on Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go confetti falls during significant events like the Pokémon Go Fest and the Diwali Festival of Lights. Also, a certain amount of confetti falls after Team Rocket is defeated and the current event. In addition, some confetti falls during the Season of Mischief, when a specific Pokemon team attempts to cause trouble. But why is there confetti on Pokemon Go?

Psychic Spectacular

The upcoming Psychic Spectacular event in Pokemon Go is a new way to catch the game’s many psychic-type Pokemon. This new event will run from September 8 through September 13. Along with two new Pokemon, the Psychic-type spawn rates will be increased. Inkay, a new Psychic-type Pokemon, will debut in the game. To find it, take a snapshot and randomly trigger its photobombing abilities.

During this event, you’ll have more chances to catch Psychic-type Pokemon. Psychic-type Pokemon will spawn more often in the wild, hatch from eggs, and appear in raids. Inkay will also make its Pokemon Go debut with an evolution condition similar to the main series’ Inkay. Additionally, Misunderstoound Special Research will also be expanded to include Psychic-type Pokemon.

This event will run until Monday, September 13, at 8 pm local time. The duration is four hours, but the rewards are worth the effort. In addition to the special event itself, there are many other ways to complete this event. In addition to collecting PokeStops, you can also collect complete field research tasks by spinning them during the Psychic Spectacular event. After completing these tasks, you’ll get rewards from Leek Duck.

The psychic spectacular will run from September 8 until September 13, 2021. To participate, players will have to complete a timed research quest, which can earn them new Pokemon or other rewards. For example, you can catch Inkay during the Psychic Spectacular. And don’t forget to catch more Psychic-type Pokemon than usual!

Diwali Festival of Lights

Pokemon GO players may have noticed confetti falling from the sky during the last weekend of Diwali. This may have caused some confusion, but the confetti was, in fact, actual confetti and not just an in-game addition. Players can receive a free T-shirt and Dedenne-inspired avatar items during the event. Players can even collect confetti as avatar items to celebrate the festive occasion.

The Diwali Festival of Lights in Pokemon GO is a new event that encourages players to create stronger bonds with friends. Friendship levels increase twice as fast as expected, and gifts will give double the rewards. As a bonus, Dedenne, an electric-type Pokemon, will make its debut during this event. Electric-type Pokemon like Pokeballs, Dedenne, and Arbok will remain available.

The confetti that falls on Pokemon GO is a part of the Diwali Festival of Lights celebration. The confetti is a souvenir of your Pokemon bonding and the victory over Team GO Rocket. As a bonus, players can also collect confetti as a prize for completing missions. These achievements will also boost your Pokemon’s chances of finding more confetti.

If you play Pokemon GO regularly, you may have noticed a new addition to the game: confetti. This new confetti will fall on the game’s map on November 13 at 10 am. It will remain on the map until the end of the Festival of Lights. The confetti symbolizes light and its victory over Team GO Rocket. As a bonus, a special Diwali event will appear every month.

Team GO Rocket Defeat

If you’ve been playing the Pokemon GO mobile game, you’ve probably noticed the confetti dropping on your screen after defeating Team GO Rocket. It started falling midway through the Diwali event and won’t stop falling until the event is over on November 14. The confetti appears to be a part of a new event called the Festival of Lights, celebrating the victory of light over Team GO Rocket. If you’re wondering why to, keep reading.

Team GO Rocket’s mission to take over the Festival of Lights is based on stealing Hoopa. Giovanni is leading the mission and likely studied the Legendary Pokemon from the shadows. Another Legendary Pokemon has been rumored to have turned into a Shadow Pokemon. Pokemon Trainers must stop Team GO Rocket before they can steal the Hoopa. Using a Super Rocket Radar will help you encounter Giovanni so that you can take advantage of the opportunity.

If you’re a fan of the Pokémon games, you know that Team GO Rocket is a shady organization. They invade PokeStops to take the resources they need. The team uses Shadow Pokemon to attack Trainers. Team GO Rocket can be encountered at levels eight and up. In addition to its invasion of the world, Team GO Rocket also added Dedenne to Pokemon GO.

The confetti on Pokemon Go is a visual effect. The confetti falls from the sky only after you defeat Team Go Rocket. It doesn’t change the gameplay, but it does mark the end of the Festival of Lights, a significant event in the game. This event also marks the beginning of the Season of Mischief, centered on the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa.


Pokémon fans are in for a treat this holiday season with the arrival of a new trading card game called Celebrations on Pokemon Go. The popular mobile game has a new collection of cards you can purchase, including rare Pokémon and a special edition of Pikachu, both sold for an astronomical price. Collecting all 25 Pikachu cards for five hundred dollars is possible!

The Season of Celebrations will feature new in-game events featuring Pokemon that were first discovered in different regions. Professor Willow will delve into the rich histories of the Pokemon, and the game will also feature new holiday and winter events. You can find special event items, including shiny Pokemon like Pikachu and Whismur. Other Pokemon in the new season include Magnemite and Magnezone. These Pokemon can be particularly helpful during Raids and PvP.

Booster packs in Celebrations contain four cards each, which is pretty expensive. But the cards themselves are worth it. The Classic Collection is the real draw of the set, as they contain reprints of many of the most iconic Pokemon TCG cards. You’ll also find some of the base set evolved starters and famous Wizards of the Coast promo cards. While Celebrations is not the best way to get Celebrations packs, it is still a fun way to collect them.

The first half of the Season of Celebration features Mega Pokemon, such as Mega Charizard X, which will be boosted during the first half of the season. Another highlight of the Season is Community Day, which will be held on December 12 and 13 and feature all the Community Day Pokemon from 2019 and 2020. And finally, the Kalos Region Celebration will take place from December 2 through 8 and feature new avatar items.

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Confetti is an essential part of the decor when it comes to parties. Pokemon Go is no different. The confetti that falls during the game’s events symbolizes the grass-type Pokemon. Although this is an optional collectible, it’s nice to have, especially during an upcoming event. Pokemon Go players can also collect the confetti by raising their buddy Pokemon’s level by feeding it berries, playing with it, or simply walking steps with it. In addition, gamers can collect other items and earn more confetti, depending on their levels.

One popular way to collect confetti is to participate in celebrating the upcoming festival. In addition to gathering the confetti, players can also receive a free T-shirt during the event. Some fans even posted memes about the confetti that was added. Players can also lighten their avatars by purchasing Dedenne-inspired avatar items or stickers. As a bonus, players can get a free Festival of Lights T-shirt during the festival.

Confetti is similar to glitter, but it’s easier to clean up than glitter. Confetti is more accessible to wipe off than glitter, but it tends to scatter everywhere, and it’s not as annoying as glitter. However, it’s good to remember that confetti is typically associated with nifty events, so there’s nothing to worry about. You can always take advantage of the confetti in Pokemon GO and celebrate your victory in a fun way!

In addition to confetti falling in Pokemon Go, the game will feature the fashion industry. On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, Pokemon featured in the fashion industry will be in Pokemon GO. There will be special items that highlight these Pokemon. Meanwhile, players will be able to get more exclusive items and a chance to catch some legendary Pokemon.

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