Why is Confetti Falling in Pokemon Go?

Falling confetti is nothing new for experienced Pokemon GO trainers. It shouldn’t be a cause for alarm if you’ve been playing for several months or even a year. Niantic Labs has been doing this for years and just follows a standard set of circumstances. It may not be the same for all trainers, but it will still be a rare event that should not worry veteran gamers.

Psychic Spectacular

In the upcoming ‘Psychic Spectacular’ event on Pokemon Go, players can catch psychic-type Pokemon, such as Inkay. Players will have six days to complete the timed research quest to catch Inkay. The event will also include unique confetti and items like Poké Balls. Other events will be held throughout the Season of Mischief, such as Fashion Week.

The Psychic Spectacular event will run from March 27 to 30. It will feature Psychic-type Pokemon, increased spawns, and themed raids. This event will also have some new TMs, including Shiny Baltoy. Players will also be able to catch Solosis and Gothita, both of which are Cell Pokemon. Those who are ticket holders at the Safari Zone St. Louis location will be able to catch a shiny Tediursa.

Players will also notice confetti falling from the sky. Many people thought it was glitter, but it turned out to be confetti. Players were amazed at the sight, thinking that the confetti was falling from the sky and marking the end of the Festival of Lights. If they were real, confetti was falling from the sky from above. It was a memorable event.

Diwali Festival of Lights

If you’ve been playing Pokemon Go, you have probably noticed the confetti falling everywhere. During the Festival of Lights on November 14, 2021, players can expect to see confetti falling on the map. Fans of the game have also been making fun of the confetti and have even made some hilarious memes about it.

In celebration of the Festival, Niantic has added a new event to the game, called the “Festival of Lights.” This feature encourages players to strengthen their bonds with other players and get double-time rewards for gifting friends. This unique event also marks the debut of the electric-type Pokemon Dedenne, a rare occurrence that will appear more frequently during the event. Throughout the Festival, players will see other electric-type appear more frequently.

This special event is a celebration of the victory of good over evil. It will be available to players worldwide from November 5 until November 14, 2021. Players will also notice confetti falling in the game’s skies during the event. This confetti may lead to valuable items, Pokemon, and other gifts.

Pokemon GO players have been busy noticing the confetti falling in the sky as the last weekend of the Festival of Lights ends. However, they couldn’t be happier! This new feature in the game is a sign of something nifty! It makes it an exciting time to play the game! The Diwali Festival of Lights in Pokemon GO has gotten everyone talking. Its fans have been celebrating the victory of good over evil.

In addition to the confetti falling in the game, players will also receive a host of bonuses during the Festival of Lights. Friendship levels will increase twice as fast as usual during the festival of lights. Additionally, players can open 45 gifts per day for a chance at more rewards.

Team GO Rocket

Recently, a large amount of confetti dropped from the sky, which gamers immediately took to heart. This is the celebration of the defeat of Team GO Rocket, which first appeared in the game during the Festival of Lights. Niantic explained that this event commemorated the victory of light over Team GO Rocket and will remain on the game’s map until the end of the Festival.

The Festival of Lights is another event in Pokemon GO. The upcoming Festival of Lights will offer several bonuses, including double Friendship levels and increased rewards from Gifts. In addition, the game will allow players to receive up to 45 Gifts a day, including the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa and Dedenne. The game’s popularity has increased dramatically since its beta test’s launch, and its legendary Pokemon team will now be even more powerful.

The Festival of Lights is the most popular event in the game and is set to continue through February. During this event, players can catch various event-themed Pokemon, including Shiny Vullaby. Giovanni has a unique ability that allows him to detect the location of other players. This extraordinary ability is essential when catching Team GO Rocket and using it to your advantage.

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Inkay’s Arrival

The recent release of Pokemon Go has caused confetti to begin falling on the map. The confetti is falling in celebration of the defeat of Team GO Rocket, which was eliminated during Season of Mischief. The team’s Shadow Lugia made them a formidable trainer threat and was the source of several Charge TMs. This leak suggests that the confetti is a celebration of light over darkness and will continue to fall on the map until the event is over.

The confetti update coincided with the upcoming Festival of Lights event. Players can also receive a free Festival of Lights T-shirt and stickers during the event. Players can also lighten their avatar by adding Dedenne-inspired items. The confetti is also causing some players to experience headaches. However, players can turn off the confetti by going into their account settings and disabling it.

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