Why Do Some Pokemon Have a Blue Background?

You’re not alone if you’ve ever noticed your Pokemon have a blue background. Many players don’t even realize that Shadow Pokemon have a blue background. Luckily, a solution: Purified Pokemon require less Stardust to power up. This article will help you figure out how to spot rare shinies in your Pokemon game. And don’t worry; we’ll keep the information in this article short and simple, so you’ll have a better idea of which shinies are the most valuable in the game.

Shadow Pokemon Have Blue Background

You’re not alone if you’re wondering why Shadow Pokemon have a blue background. This phenomenon has become a recurring theme throughout the game, and you’ve probably noticed it. You’ve noticed that they appear to have a blue background on their Pokemon Go pages. What does this mean? It indicates that they were caught recently, and it’s only a matter of time before the blue disappears from your screens.

The Shadow color is a result of their corruption by darkness. While all Shadow Pokemon have a blue background, the Shadow type has a blue body. Their appearance has also been tied to Team Rocket, and the team has invaded various PokeStops randomly.

Aside from being more potent than regular Pokemon, Shadow Pokemon has a unique ability that allows them to turn on their teammates. Once you defeat a member of Team GO Rocket, you can purify them. This will return them to their standard form and increase their stats. They can also be used by Team Go Rocket to invade PokeStops. These raids began after the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago. While you may not know it yet, Team Go Rocket has been teased since the game’s launch.

After Wes’s victory over Team Snagem, he becomes the target of Team Cipher. Wes’s quest to uncover who is behind this operation is more straightforward when he visits Pyrite Town. There, he discovers that the Shadow Pokemon have been offered as prizes to the winners of the Colosseum tournament. This prompts Wes to investigate the matter further. The next day, Wes enters a Colosseum challenge, defeating four trainers. After defeating four opponents, Wes battles Cipher Peon, which is about to award the prize. The two battle in a building and through a maze-like cave to capture a Shadow Pokemon.

Purified Pokemon Require Less Stardust To Power Up

You can power up your Pokemon with XL Candy. The amount of Stardust required by each Pokemon is equal. For example, Purified Pokemon require 272 XL Candy, while Shadow Pokemon require 360 XL Candy. Then, you’ll use a Poké Ball to feed your Pokemon with its power-up. Then, you can trade it for another Pokemon of the same level to obtain its Lucky form.

A Purified Pokemon costs less than a regular one, but it’s still beneficial to train them as much as possible. Shadow Pokemon, for example, are useful in PVP environments. They can be used for raids and PVP. If you have enough Stardust, you can purify them so they will increase their attack power, but this will reduce their defense abilities. This way, you can make the most of your Shadow Pokemon.

To train a Shadow Pokemon, you’ll need a specific amount of Candy and Stardust. The total amount of Candy and Stardust required for a Legendary Shadow Pokemon is 3000. This is a lot of resources to spend on a pokemon. And, because of their cost, the cost of a Purified Pokemon’s evolution depends on its level and type. This will affect how much Stardust you need to power up a Shadow Pokemon.

A Purified Pokemon will cost you a lot less Stardust to power up. You can get a Purified Pokemon for ten percent less than a standard one. Purified Pokemon also increase their IVs by two points, which means a Shadow Mewtwo with thirteen IVs will become a 100% Mewtwo. However, it does lose the Shadow Boost. While the game does give Purified Pokemon more Stardust, Niantic hasn’t yet provided any other boost.

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Identifying Rarest Shinies In Pokemon

Identifying rarest shinies is easy as long as you understand the game’s different varieties. Shiny Pokemon have the same stats as regular Pokemon but are very hard to come by. In Diamond and Pearl, the chance of coming across a shiny variant is one in 4096. This number will remain the same in the upcoming Sword and Shield game.

While the game is known for its shiny Pikachu and other naughty Pokemon, it is not always easy to identify which ones are the rarest. Occasionally, Niantic releases a rare variant, like the Alolan Grimer. The Alolan variants of Pokemon were originally only available from 7KM eggs, and they were later changed to allow wild encounters. However, it would help if you kept in mind that the rarest Shiny in Pokemon Go is not a Legendary Pokémon.

In the games, the Shinies are a symbol of biological variation. The skin color and integument of each Pokemon have an alternate hue. The game’s genesis is in the Generation II games. Still, the rebirth of the games has allowed fans to experience these fascinating phenomena, both through battles and the catching and training of these pocket monsters.

The first Shiny to be found in Pokemon Go is the Metagross. It first appeared in Team Rocket’s episode “Noodles! Roaming Off” and later attacked James. The next rarest Shiny is the Ditto. This one was found by a player less dedicated to the shiny hunt.

Shiny Krabby is another rare Pokemon. The Shiny version of this pocket monster teleports away when it is caught. In the game, the chances of encountering a Shiny Woobat is only one in every 500. However, the Shiny Krabby was released in error and had since mysteriously disappeared from the radar of Pokemon trainers.

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