Why Are There Fireworks in Pokemon Go?

If you play Pokemon GO, you may have noticed a new event: Fireworks! You can even use your Pokemon Go fireworks to celebrate various events, including the Festival of Lights, Diwali, and New Year’s Timed Research. But how do you know which fireworks are best for a particular occasion? There are some tricks to remember, so keep reading to find out more. Also, check out our guide on Bidoof Breakout!

Festival Of Lights

In addition to the many features introduced in the game’s regular edition, the Festival of Lights event brings new Pokémon. The Dedenne is one of the new additions to the festival, a fairy-electric hybrid originally from the Kalos region. Other new Pokemon include Pikachu, Magmar, Electabuzz, and Whismur. Depending on your location, you may even encounter these new Pokemon during the Festival of Lights.

Other new features of the Festival of Lights event include 7 km Eggs, a new event-themed Battle Pass, and more frequent appearances of certain types of Pokemon related to the festival theme. New Pokemon will also be available, such as Charmander, Dedenne, Chinchou, and Bellossom. While playing the game, you can also collect new Dedenne-themed stickers in the in-game shop. Another bonus of the Festival of Lights event is a free avatar t-shirt. The in-game store will also update with new Dedenne-inspired avatar items.

Another event added to Pokemon Go during the Festival of Lights was A Looming Shadow Returns! The event also included a new sub-event called Misunderstood Mischief Special Research. Despite the new features, the Festival of Lights was a mixed bag. The game’s Raids were once one of the game’s most exciting features but have become increasingly dull due to the lack of new content. The Festival of Lights in Pokemon Go was a middle-of-the-road event, as was the Team GO Rocket sub-event. However, this time around, we’re expecting a bit more.


In celebrating the festival of lights, Pokemon GO is adding Diwali fireworks to its game. As part of this event, fire and electric type Pokemon will now be more commonly seen in the game. Additionally, colorful avatar items and stickers will be available, and players will be able to see the fireworks as they appear in the game environment. Diwali will also feature a new Raid rotation with Mega Manectric and five-star raid Pokemon.

The Festival of Lights event is an annual celebration in India, and the game celebrates the occasion with bonuses around the world. The first Diwali fireworks will spawn on October 5 and continue through November 14 at noon local time. Additionally, Team Go Rocket will be taking over the game for a short period, possibly until the next Diwali. In this case, the festival is an excellent opportunity to earn double candy and get more coins.

If you haven’t already noticed, the fireworks have arrived in Pokemon GO, just in time for the Indian festival of Diwali. They will only be available during this five-day celebration, but they will likely disappear after Diwali. So, if you haven’t been playing the game during Diwali, be sure to grab your copy today. These fireworks will be available for a limited time and won’t last long.

New Year’s Timed Research

The New Year’s Timed Research event in Overwatch is now available. Players can complete various tasks and earn rewards for completing them. You will receive double Hatch Stardust, Candy, and halved Hatch Distance. Moreover, you can buy new avatar items by collecting Coins. To help you with this event, here are the details you need to know. The New Year’s Timed Research event will be available for a few days.

The event is a limited-time occasion from Friday, December 31 at 10 pm local time until Tuesday, January 4 at 8 pm local time. It involves four steps requiring three tasks – to complete the event. In addition, players can collect event-exclusive Pokemon to earn Poffin and Stardust. The following list outlines the tasks you must complete to complete the Timed Research event.

The Pokemon that will appear during the event will be costumed or non-costumed. Moreover, avatar items will be available for purchase in the game’s in-game shop. You can also collect New Year-themed stickers by spinning PokeStops and opening Gifts. It’s the perfect time to collect the special items for your party! Just get ready to spend some time during the New Year’s timed research!

Bidoof Breakout

There are a variety of reasons why Pokemon GO has fireworks. While Diwali is celebrated in India, it is not widely celebrated in other countries. The game’s Festival of Lights event brings the spirit of Diwali to everyone, regardless of their location. If you’ve ever tried to capture a Pokemon in the game, you’ve likely seen a stream of fireworks. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry because the fireworks in Pokemon Go are safe from bad players.

In addition to the usual fireworks, the game also features two additional events during Diwali. The first is the Festival of Lights, which celebrates the Indian festival of Diwali, and the second is the New Year’s 2022. This celebration represents the victory of light over darkness and wisdom over ignorance. This means that the fireworks in the game coincide with a significant holiday in the game’s history.

For the first time, Pokemon Go players in India can expect to see fireworks in the game’s sky during the Festival of Lights event. This is a celebration of the arrival of Dedenne, an electric-fairy Pokemon from the new generation. In addition to fireworks, players will be able to catch two-for-one Catch Candy. Another festival event in Pokemon Go is a new research season and bonuses for increasing friendships.

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Niantic Labs’ Annual Pokemon GO Fest

In anticipation of the game’s release in the real world, the game developer hosts a festival every year. The first Pokemon Go Fest was held in Chicago in 2017 and was the first time the game’s creators brought together players in the real world. This year, Niantic has expanded the festival to other cities, including Yokohama, Japan. Players will be able to trade Pokemon with those near them and watch fireworks at the end of each day.

Since the game’s release, Niantic Labs has held several events outside of the informal gatherings of players. These events usually involve increased in-game rewards for participants. These events are also often held in partnership with local governments and organizations. The fireworks can be spectacular and last for hours, depending on the location. Niantic’s annual Pokemon GO Fest is free and open to the public.

The event will continue on Saturday, with a new roster of Pokemon available for battle. Raiders in the event will feature Hitmontop, Cranidos, and Deino and costumes of Galarian Ponyta and Zizagoon. There will be a new Global Challenge Arena every hour, and players can participate in four collection challenges based on the game’s Rotating Habitats. In addition to the new Pokémon, players will have access to increased Shiny rates.

Explanation Of Fireworks

For all of us who play the game, we must have noticed the sky is filled with colorful fireworks! In Pokemon Go, these are modern analysis tasks triggered by Legendaries battling in Raid Battles or different wild Pokemon spawning. These fireworks are also related to the Festival of Lights. The exploding fireworks are a new event, rolling out in the game.

The fireworks in Pokemon GO were first seen during the Fifth Anniversary Celebration event, one of the most anticipated events of the year. While Niantic didn’t reveal the event’s details until close to the launch, it’s safe to assume that fireworks are a part of the celebration. The event itself is a celebration of New Year’s Eve, so they have a connection to the Hindu festival.

Although Pokemon GO players noticed the explosions of fireworks in the sky, it’s not the end of the world. The fireworks will continue until Diwali, the Indian festival of lights that began on November 4. After Diwali, fireworks will be removed from the game. If you’re wondering why they’re there, it’s because Niantic is celebrating the victory of knowledge over ignorance. They’re an excellent way to celebrate the festival of lights!

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