Read Eenadu Sunday Book on Your Computer, Tablet Or Mobile Phone

You can read Eenadu Sunday book on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. It is available in several languages, which makes it an excellent source of telugu news. If you are not able to access the newspaper in your home or office, you can subscribe to it on the internet. It will help you stay updated with the latest news in your area. However, if you do not speak Telugu, you can only download the app for the computer.


You can now download the Eenadu Sunday book app to your iOS or Android device. First, you need to sign in with your Apple ID or password to download the app. Then, click on the INSTALL button to download the iOS version of the app. Follow the prompts to install it on your device. Once the download is complete, the app is ready to use. You can enjoy reading your favorite stories and articles every Sunday!

You can also read the Sunday magazine through the app, which features archives of the last four issues. To move to the next page, you simply swipe left. This app works well on both Android and iOS devices. To subscribe, simply enter your Eenadu email address. Once you’ve signed up, you can access the latest issues of the Eenadu Sunday Book in your native language. You can download it for free from Google Play Store.

Print Version

The print version of Eenadu Sunday book was launched in 1982 in small towns like Tirupathi. The book became very popular, and many more communities in India and beyond began receiving it. It is now available in both Telugu and English. Read on to learn more about this book. A new edition was released in telugu on 23 December 2018.

Eenadu is a Telugu-language newspaper that was founded on 10 August 1974. It is distributed predominantly in the Telugu speaking regions of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It was founded by Ramoji Rao, a businessman who had also started other newspapers, including Margadarsi Chitfunds and Priya Pickles. By the end of its first edition, it was distributed to over 48,700 people. In 1978, Eenadu had surpassed the Andhra Prabha’s circulation and by 1995, it had more than 75 percent of the Telugu daily newspaper market.

epaper Version

The Eenadu Sunday book is a weekly Telugu newspaper that has been published in Andhra Pradesh since 1974. Its subjects range from business to entertainment and religion. You can read it online and in print, so there’s no reason to miss it. With the epaper version of Eenadu Sunday book, you can read the newspaper on your computer, tablet or smartphone!

There are several reasons to read the Eenadu Sunday book online. For example, if you’re a reader of Telugu movies, you can get the latest news and information about your favorite stars and movies, or you can read the gossip in your local newspaper. There’s also a monthly magazine for women, called Vipula. For comic fans, the Eenadu Sunday book epaper version has 700 titles from the country’s leading comic book publishers.

If you’d prefer reading the Eenadu Sunday book on your tablet or smartphone, you’ll find the app available on the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store. The app comes in PDF format and is free to download. To read the Eenadu Sunday book on your iPad, simply download the app and follow the instructions. If you’re reading from an iPhone or iPad, simply follow the instructions for installation.


The distribution of Eenadu began in May 1982 in smaller towns like Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh. Initially, the publication faced stiff competition. The Andhra Patrika, Andhra Jyoti, and the Communist Party of India’s Visalandhra were all well-established papers. Fortunately, the newspaper’s aggressive marketing campaign helped it overcome this disadvantage.

When Eenadu was first launched, it had a limited circulation. The paper struggled to grow into a daily publication, though it was quite popular in certain areas. The newspaper’s success in the region led to the appointment of new management and directors. Now, Eenadu is the most widely distributed Telugu newspaper. Here are some interesting facts about Eenadu and its distribution:

The newspaper is distributed free online, and has numerous sections, including business news, local advertising, sports, and development & infrastructure. It also offers an e-paper option for those who aren’t able to purchase it at a bookstore. Unlike other newspapers, Eenadu ePaper is free and authentic. There is no subscription fee, and readers can read the paper anytime, anywhere.

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