How to Evolve Doublade in Pokemon Sword and Shield

If you’re looking for a pre-evolved form of the legendary Doublade, you’ve probably come across Honedge. You can find Honedge in the Hammerlock Hills, but only if you’re in foggy weather. If you happen to be outside during a snowstorm, your chances of finding Honedge are significantly reduced. Regardless, this step is essential.

Dusk Stone

If you’re curious about how to get a Double-Evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the first step is to find a Dusk Stone. You can do this by digging in the Wild Area or using the Digging Duo. Both require Watts to work, and the latter requires a unique item, Dusk Stone. The easiest way to get a Dusk Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield is from a farming spot in the Lake of Outrage. Once you’ve picked your Lampent, you’ll be able to evolve it into the legendary Double-Evolution Pokémon, Chandler.

Doublade is a dual-wielding steel-type Pokemon with two swords on each side. Its blades are silver, its hilts light gray, and it has one single pink gem with a dark center. The sashes are dark purple with a pink swirl pattern. It has a plaque attached to the back. Its sheathes are a combination of brown, gray, and silver with white teeth-like markings.

A Dusk Stone is a rare item that will unlock the Dusk Evolution process. It is the best way to get a Double-Evolution Pokemon. When you use a Dusk Stone, your Double-Evolution Pokemon will evolve into a Doublade, which is the hardest of the three. You can get a Double-Evolution Pokemon from the dusk stone after reaching level 35.


In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can evolve your Pokemon into steel/ghost-types. To start, you must catch Honedge first. Once you have this Pokemon, you can evolve it into Doublade or Aegislash. If you are looking for tips on evolving these Pokemon, keep reading. Here are some tips:

First, level up Honedge to level 35. You can find this Pokemon at Hammerlocke Hills, where there is a 44% chance of seeing it. Remember that the weather will significantly impact the chances of seeing this Pokemon, so avoid playing in the snow or rain. Also, you must be level 35 to evolve Doublade. Once you have the right level and a Dusk Stone, you can evolve your Pokemon to Doublade.

Once you have a Doublade, you will receive the No Guard ability. This ability gives the player 100 percent accuracy in all of their attacks. You can equip this item in the Wild for an enhanced version of this Pokemon. However, it is much more difficult to obtain in the Wild than in Honedge. For this reason, it is best to seek out a Doublade in the Stony Wilderness or the Watchtower Ruins before taking action.

To evolve your Doublade, you must obtain the Dusk Stone in the Wild Area. You can also get it from the Digging Duo or by consuming a Dusk Stone. This will allow you to use a Dusk Stone on any Pokémon and evolve it into a new Pokémon. So, be sure to gather the Dusk Stone in the Wild Area. This is the best method for obtaining the Dusk Stone and the Aegislash.


The Doublade is a rare type of Steel-type Pokemon available in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Unlike its predecessor, this steel-type Pokemon has no guard, which means that any move it uses will be 100% accurate. It can be obtained from Gym Leader Woodward in the Lake of Outrage. It can also be obtained from Giant’s Cap, but its exact location varies depending on the version of the game you’re playing.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Doublade can be obtained from the Isle of Armor. It evolves into a twin-bladed Pokemon that slashes its enemies with alternating blades. This Pokemon has Base Stats, which are the stats that each species has based on its gender and type. In other words, this Pokemon can be a challenger, but it is also an excellent choice for novice players looking to learn how to use their swords.

To catch a Doublade, you must be patient enough to wait until the weather is clear, preferably cloudy. Otherwise, you can encounter Honedge, but your chance of encountering him is reduced to 15%. If you’re an ambitious trainer, you can also try to catch a Doublade, but it’s rarer. To catch this Pokemon, you must find it in the Lake of Anger.


In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can find many unique, rare species, but one of the most difficult to obtain is the Doublade. Doublade, a ghost/steel type, is a second step in the Honedge evolutionary chain. The final evolution is Aegislash. Most people already have this Pokemon, but if not, you can find them in the Watchtower Ruins or Stony Wilderness.

Once you have obtained a Dusk Stone, use it on Doublade to evolve it into an Aegislash. Note that this stone is different from the Dawn Stone, which is required for evolution. You can use it on any Pokémon, including Doublade. Make sure you have a Dusk Stone handy because you can’t get it if you’re out hunting.

Changing the gender of your Honedge is not an easy task. First, you’ll need to find an XP item to evolve the Doublade. The Dusk Stone will only appear in foggy or snowstorm conditions. Once you’ve obtained a Dusk Stone, you need to find a location where you can expose Doublade to it. You can get this item by using Flying Taxi to reach Stow-on-Side.

Another way to evolve double in Pokemon Sword and Shield is to find Honedge. You can find Honedge in Hammerlock Hills in the Wild Area and have a 44 percent chance of encountering it. However, your chances will decrease to 15% if you’re playing during the winter. You can also wait until the weather is foggy. And if you’re lucky, you can find a Honedge in the snowfall.

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Sacred Sword

When the Sacred Sword evolves into Doublade, this magical Attack will be a powerful revenge killer, able to throw free attacks and set up Swords Dance. However, its awful Speed stat will make it an unfavorable matchup against Dark-type Pokemon. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep Doublade healthy. If you don’t want to sacrifice speed to defend your life, you can also use the Power Trick and Shadow Sneak.

While the Sacred Sword evolves into Doublade, this dual-type move can be obtained through the Sacred Sword in the corresponding Sacred Sword & Shield games. Unlike other Steel-type Pokemon, it’s immune to Magnet Pull. Its stats are listed below. Its stats are listed with the level of learnability, TM or TR number, and if it’s an egg, it can be obtained in the Sacred Sword.

In the Pokemon games, this move does not have a level cap. It’s not a requirement, but it does increase Doublade’s Attack and Defense, allowing it to survive the damage of opposing Pokemon. It can also be upgraded with the Sacred Sword. This move is helpful in a situation where you have to deal with damage in a triangular area. However, you should be aware of its limitations.


If you are looking for Pokemon that are extremely rare in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you might have a tough time catching them. This particular type of Pokemon is a ghost/steel hybrid, and it made its first appearance in the Kalos region in 2013. It evolves from Honedge, a steel/ghost type, at level 35. You can catch a Doublade using a Dark Stone, but you have to be patient!

To catch a Doublade in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you first need to catch Honedge. This Pokemon is a dual-type, and you can use it to evolve into a double-edged monster known as Aegislash. You can find Honedge outside of Hammerlock Hills. This Pokemon is the rarest of the sword and shield Pokemon and can be obtained by leveling Honedge.

Once you have caught a Doublade, you can start leveling it by using the Sacred Sword. This will increase Doublade’s Attack and Speed while ignoring changes in the opponent’s stats. If you have a Sacred Sword, you can upgrade it to boost its Attack if you have a triangular zone in the battleground.

The next step is to evolve your Doublade to an Aegislash. To do this, you need a Dusk Stone, which can be obtained in the town of Stow-on-Side. You can also pick one up at a Pokemon Center. There are also some Pokeballs in the town that contain the Dusk Stone. These stones are vital for catching Doublade in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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