How to Add Friends to Pokemon Go

You can increase your Friendship level by trading, gifting, and battling with friends. Adding friends to your list also allows you to trade and receive Battle Boosts and Premier Balls from them. Whether you are new to Pokemon GO or have been playing it for some time, you will want to increase your Friendship level before trading with strangers. Below are some tips on how to add friends to Pokemon GO.

Increased Limit On Friends In Pokemon Go

The latest update to Pokemon GO will increase the number of friends players can have to 400. In addition to the increased friend limit, the new version of the game will allow players to add friends via friendship referrals. Referring to friends will reward the player with various rewards, and this will help the game’s user base grow. However, the rewards for friendship referrals are not yet clear, and there is no set limit.

To enable this new feature, you must be a Level 10 Trainer. While a Trainer’s maximum level was 40, this was reduced to 30 within a few hours of the update’s launch. In the future, Niantic will probably make this feature available at lower levels. After completing the new level, head to your Trainer screen and tap on ‘Friends.’ Once there, select a friend.


You can have as many friends as you want on Pokemon Go, but the friendship limit is based on your level. We can delete friends you don’t want to keep and add them back later if you change your mind. The friendship level is good for two months. You can battle other players or trade with them to get their Pokemon. Those who have friends with the same level can even send you Premier Balls or Battle Boosts.

Trading in Pokemon Go is one of the most fun parts of the game. You can trade Pokemon and trainer codes with your friends. However, you must have the approval of your parents or guardians to trade. You can also trade with other Trainers with their codes, but this will require that you have the permission of the person you want to trade with.

The Friends profile allows you to find your friends by name or nickname. It can also be helpful if you want to find friends who share your interests or leveling. You can exchange Pokemon with your friends, but you need a fitting nickname to get them. The same goes for your leveling progress. You can even give your friends Pokemon as gifts! If you want to make more friends, use the Lucky Pokemon update.

The Friends limit on Pokemon Go is 400. In other words, you can have up to 400 friends in the game. However, you cannot add friends manually until the new update is released. If you want to add more, you must remove some of your less-interactive friends. Pokemon Go also has Raids, so you can engage in battles with your friends and earn experience points. You can also check out a guide for Rivals’ Week and Season of Legends.


The process of Gifting on Pokemon Go is simple. First, you select the person you want to gift. When you are done, press the blue orb to open the Gift. Upon opening, the person’s Gift will be added to your inventory. This process is very similar to spinning a disc at a Poke Stop. The only difference is that you have no control over what will be inside. There are some rules that you should follow when Gifting on Pokemon Go.

After choosing a person to gift, you can follow the instructions on the screen. Upon receiving the gift, you’ll receive a card showing the PokeStop. You can also give a sticker as a reminder of the Gift. You can also join the same groups on different social networks. For example, you can find Pokemon Go groups on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. While Gifting is a fun way to interact with your friends, be sure to stay safe and play with your friends!

After a player receives a Gift, they will receive a notification from the Trainer. The recipient can see the message in the Notification Tab or their Friends list. If you don’t want to receive a notification, you can always skip it. Afterward, you can continue to gift your friend.

Once you have purchased an Event Ticket, you can also choose to gift it to another player. This is only possible for friends who are Great Friends with you, though. However, you cannot gift Pokecoins to other accounts. Once you have bought a ticket, you can gift it to a friend or family member to enjoy it with your friends. You can also give a gift of an item to a friend or family member who has received a gift in the past.

Safety Of Adding Strangers To Friend List

Adding strangers to your Pokemon Go friend list can have some drawbacks. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure you don’t add anyone you don’t know to your friend list.

First, if you add a stranger to your friend list, you should pay attention to the person. In Pokemon GO, you can send gifts to your friends, but you should exercise caution if you’re unsure of their background. It can also be risky to add a stranger to a new neighborhood. This new feature can make it difficult to know who you’re dealing with.

In addition, adding a random stranger to your Pokemon Go friend list can be dangerous because they can view your location. Though it is intended as a social game, the fact that strangers can see your location is a dangerous problem. In addition, you’re opening yourself up to privacy invasions. However, you can remove strangers from your Pokemon Go friend list, and Niantic doesn’t restrict you from doing so. You need to follow a few simple steps to remove them.

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Getting Rid Of Less Interactive Friends

If you have a Pokemon Go account, you might be wondering how to get rid of less interactive friends. The answer to this question depends on the level of interaction each person has with the game. If they do not interact with you, you should get rid of them. You can do this by looking at the Friends list of other people and by removing them. If they never send you gifts, you can also delete them.

Regardless of the reasons, a change to the gameplay mechanic angers fans. In a letter to Niantic, some players argued that removing the eighty-meter range made the game less fun for those less interactive. However, that change was better than what fans were complaining about. Since the game requires the player to be moving, fans were angry about it. But thankfully, Niantic has responded to the fans’ letter with its open letter.

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